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7 Tips To Plan The "Perfect" Caribbean Honeymoon

HELLO HEAVEN....  KARR-e-BEE-an, Ke-RIB-ee-an.

Either, Iither, Toemato, Tamato,   no matter how you pronounce it, Heaven Here We Come!

#1 What do you want?  This is the most important factor of planning your honeymoon. Don't settle for less!

#2 The Destination.   The Caribbean is dotted with beautiful islands & beaches all unique & waiting to welcome You.  And only a few hours away.  You have to like that idea.

#3 The Accommodations.  Are you looking for a "boutique style" oceanfront resort ALL Elite Butler service, a penthouse 1 bedroom suite overlooking the ocean with your very own private pool right off your bedroom...., or maybe a unique beachfront rondoval 1 bedroom villa suite completely secluded except for your Butler of course!  All of with  Caribbean Sea views that will take your breathe away!

#4 The Activities & The Great Outdoors. Anytime spent in the Caribbean is generally 'outdoors'.  You may not realize it as first but your entire stay in the Caribbean Islands will be spent in the open air, including dining.  With an abundance of activities such as golf, tennis & amazing sightseeing.  Extensive water & beach activities, snorkeling, scuba, waterskiiiiiing (oops 2 many i's) or deep sea fishing.

#5 The Beauty Of It All. The Caribbean Islands are blessed with 365 days of warm tropical weather. Countless colours of blue sea. Beaches, Rain Forests, Waterfalls & Mountains.  "A True Paradise" as Christopher Columbus once said.

#6 Food, People, Culture & History.  Did you know the Caribbean is a melting pot of culture.  The Jamaican coat of arms states "Out of Many, One People".  The Caribbean is an archipelagos that was discovered by the Spanish, Portuguese,  British, Dutch & French. This has inspired the many cultures, food, song, dance & tradition.  The many original indigenous people include the Tainos, Island Caribs, Galibi & Ciboney which spoke a dialect of Carib & Arawak. These origins still beat today in the hearts of all West Indians.

#7 And Finally, The All-Inclusive Resort.  SANDALS.....SANDALS.....SANDALS.   The Best All-Inclusive Resorts you will find anywhere on Earth are in the Caribbean.  Dotted throughout many of the islands & serving up the best from Glamour to Chic, Sweet to Spicy, Land to Water, Adventure to Romance, Friendly to Welcoming, The Islands of the Caribbean.  None finer & just a Hop, Skip & a Jump Away!


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